One of my most important learnings was that one doesn’t have to be president or CEO to possess and demonstrate leadership qualities.

Kathryn Fallon Cameron

Kathryn Cameron spent over thirty years as a teacher and educational professional. She accepted a challenge from her son to share her wisdom in 81 and Still Learning. Her motivation for the project came from a deep desire for her grandchildren, especially, to know her, her values, and her story in this unique way. Kathryn enjoys duplicate bridge with her friends and online. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Jim, and their rescue cat, Simon.

Initially, my resume was posted here.  However, I am not looking for employment nor are my mathematics degrees and employment history particularly relevant to the intent and spirit of my book.  It is about applying my learnings to my life and exploring ways to handle difficult conversations.  It is my intent to share my most significant learnings so others might consider them for their own lives if appropriate.  Every topic under Part 1 Learning could be pursued more deeply which is very good news – there is always room for more learning!